The Secrets around Sennen

No matter where you go in the world, there is one phrase that you will love to read or hear ‘little known’. There is something extra special about discovering those areas that most people don’t know about. It makes you feel like an intrepid explorer, and more than a simple visitor. These places are the havens of the locals, and give you a sense that you are venturing into the ‘real’ place, not the facade that can sometimes be applied for the sake of visitors.
Cornwall is no different. In fact, when it comes to secret places, the county is full of them. From relatively unknown spots to popular areas that are dwarfed by their famous neighbours, there are fantastic segments of Cornwall worth exploring and holidaying in for a unique experience that makes you feel like an exclusive VIP guest.

The areas around Sennen Cove are some perfect examples of this.

Sennen Cove

Sennen is well known among holiday makers. It has a fantastic stretch of beach that you will find hard to resist in the summer. The cafe nearby offers you all the refreshments you could want, there is local fish and chips, a pub, and plenty of parking. It’s a great family beach day out kind of place, with a large amount of accommodation to suit all your needs.
It also gets very busy, which is why the nearby areas of Gwynver, Nanquidno Valley and St Just all make great places to holiday.


Gwynver has a beach that is often regarded as one of the best in Cornwall by those in the know. It is also a widely kept secret. It is located just around the corner from Sennen beach, and is even connected at low tide. Not a great beach for swimmers, as the currents can be dangerous, but this secluded sandy paradise is perfect for a more peaceful beach day.


Located near St Just, Nanquidno is an area of beautiful scenery and a secluded beach of smooth granite rocks, rounded by the elements over the years. The walk from the valley to the beach is stunning, wooded at one end, and rugged and rocky at the other. Nanquidno’s charm lies in the fact that it is a properly rural part of Cornwall, unspoiled by time or development; the car park at the top of the valley walk has room for a whole six cars.

St Just

St Just is a traditional Cornish mining village, still surrounded by the ruined reminders of Cornwall’s bygone mineral power. It often celebrates its proud heritage and the local culture with events such as Lafrowda Day which provide a colourful day and night out for interested visitors.
Properties in Gwynver, Nanquidno, Sennen, St Just
These beautiful places all provide you with a holiday to remember. You can stay away from the crowds if you want to, and explore these vibrant local areas in peace and quiet. Have a look at our available holiday properties today.

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