5 Reasons to choose self catering in Sennen Cove

Cornwall is a county full of choice. This is true even of the type of holiday property you stay in. There is a huge selection of properties to choose from, some of which are self-catering. We think that there are many benefits to self-catering cottages in Sennen Cove which are often overlooked. We’ve taken the time to list five of them below.

1. No waiting for a table

Cornwall has many popular restaurants. While their popularity means you can be assured of the quality of their dishes, it also means you might find it hard to get in. Places get fully booked, or you might have to wait an hour or more just to sit down. You won’t have any such problem in your Sennen Cove cottage, where dinner is served when you want it.

2. Use the best of local

It’s amazing what you can find fresh in Cornwall. The local ingredients and produce are just as much a thing to sample and explore as any restaurant menu or local attraction. So why deny yourself the chance? Self-catering in Sennen Cove means that you can pick out the tastiest local ingredients to cook your meals. Meat, fish, vegetables, salad, herbs Cornwall can supply it all.

3. Little ones

Children – bless them don’t always have the most sophisticated of palates. It can be hard to find a restaurant with one of their favourite dishes on the menu, which greatly limits your options of where to dine out. If all your little one will eat is pasta, Cornwall’s many great Indian, Chinese, Spanish and French restaurants are all off-limits. With self-catering, you can cook everyone’s favourite dish, meaning the kids are happy, and you’re happy. You can experiment, they can play it safe.

4. Special diets

It can be frustrating dining out when you have special dietary requirements. Huge portions of the menu are exempted, and it takes you twice as long to choose, as you have to carefully read through the ingredients and small print. Self-catering puts you in control of the menu, and takes the hassle out of dining. You know what you can have, so you can make it, quickly and easily.

5. Give yourself the choice

The best thing about self-catering is that it gives you the choice. If you haven’t got the facilities to cook your own meals, then you have to go out every night. But if you are staying in a self-catering cottage in Sennen Cove, then you still have the freedom to choose. Dining out is a great experience, so there’s no reason you can’t do so one night, then stay in the next. It helps you save the pennies, and gives you a chance to take your holiday in Cornwall at your own pace.
Now you know the benefits of self-catering, it’s time to book your holiday. For affordable and cosy holiday properties in Sennen Cove, Cornwall, browse the Atlantic Cottages site today!

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